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Client Testimonials

After many years of chronic anxiety, depression and panic episodes, this single mother came to me from the care of both a psychiatrist and psychologist. She had been taking Prozac and Xanax for two years at maximum dosage. Now off of all medication for about a year, she writes:

It is another time for me to be saying thank you for serving God and making yourself available to me and others that can benefit from your giftings in counseling and your deep thought processes and teachings. You have offered so much of yourself to me and to others in the community and I just want to say a big Thank You. It is people like you who are so special in extending yourselves that truly make a difference in others lives in a big way... I'm so thankful for where I am today.

Sincere thanks.

-- single mother, chronic panic disorder

After enduring years of alcohol abuse, sexual deviance and violent anger, this family states:

My husband and I have been to many counselors. Daniel is the first person who offered real hope. My daughter said to me. "It's so nice to have Daddy around now. He doesn't get mad and yell anymore."

-- married couple, chronic anger and sexual addiction

After counseling with me, this client states that after years of struggle and seeing numerous pastors and counselors regarding chronic sexual deviance:

This is the first time I've ever had reason to hope that I could actually get over this problem...

-- single male, sexual addiction

A pastor commented:

Daniel Pryor has a pastor's heart and a local church perspective. He brings with him the skills, credentials and biblical values that are an asset to our pastoral care team. Daniel has the grace to handle those very sensitive issues that are best handled without the pastor's direct involvement.

-- Pastor Thomas Isenhart, Puget Sound Christian Center, Tacoma Washington

A former client wrote:

I counseled with you about 7 years ago... I want to thank you... I am re-married and, after six years, still very happily. Thanks again - I fondly remember and highly regard your counsel.

Daniel Pryor MA, Counselor & Life Coach