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Articles related to medication for adult and childhood disorders

I personally do not promote the use of medication for mental health conditions. I believe it is sometimes necessary and, if so, then for a very short period of time to stabilize a person in order to maximize counseling efforts. But generally speaking, I don't think it is necessary. Of course, I'm not an MD. Dr. Peter Breggin is an MD, however, and one of extraordinary reputation and international renown. I embrace his views wholly.

At this link you will find an extensive library of articles and links to articles, researches and available books on almost any subject of interest in the psychiatric world today.

Circle of Security® - giving babies the best possible start and understanding human behavior

One of the most enlightening and powerfully healing presentations I've seen as a professional counselor is the Circle of Security® approach to attachment theory. If you get a chance to attend a one- or three-day Circle of Security® seminar, it's worth driving a long way to do so. For information, books and DVDs, click here.

World View Matters

Here is a resource for pastors, educators and individuals who want to understand more about the impact world view has on individual and cultural behavior. How can you identify your world view? How can you alter it? Dr. Christian Overman is the international speaker and educator who has developed this presentation for individuals and groups. For information, literature and Dr. Overman's blog click here.

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